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John Eades brings insight and energy whether he is speaking, coaching, or teaching

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"One of the Best Leadership Books of the Year"

John Eades, LearnLoft CEO, challenges you to rethink what it means to be a leader today, and shows you how to become a world-class leader who inspires, empowers, and serves—and who can transform the results of any team or organization.

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“Not only did I learn many basic principles of how to be a better leader but precise, actionable steps. I am excited to get my team involved to ensure we are working together the best way possible. I highly recommend John Eades and look forward to future training opportunities”

Brenda, executive

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"Since working with John Eades, I've been put in a position of greater responsibility. It's an incredible opportunity for growth and their expertise helped make this possible. Thank you for your help and support, and the great kindness you've shown a perfect stranger."

sam, manager

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“The leadership concepts shared are relevant and vital in today's workplace. I gained great insight from John Eades on how to become a better leader.”

Suzanne, Human Resources

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“"John is very funny, and made the learning experience a delight! I have already started to implement a lot of the learning points from his talk in my professional career as well as my personal life. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone, whether you are a leader in your current role or not. "

Whitney, executive

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"John energized the team, encouraged participation, and kept our focus through the entire presentation. I would recommend him to any company looking to grow the best teams that they can. "

Susan, Participant

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"John's speaking was in a manner that was not only thought-provoking, but also kept our interest. They can be utilized in all facets of life, not just in your profession. He is an expert in leadership development"

Jay, L&D

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1 Hour to Multi-day workshops to help leaders with true application.

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The biggest differentiator between managers and leaders is often the lens in which they look through the world.

At the end of this keynote, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the lenses with which we look through
  • Create a sense of belief that you are good enough to lead
  • Define a clear pathway to for daily chooses and habits to lead


How More Belief Helps People Choose Excellence

We spent very little time accepting the promotion but so much time considering what other people are doing to help the team get great results.

Instead of focusing so much on others, it's time to turn the attention back on yourself. It turns out that in order for a team to get great results, it starts with how much the leader believes in themselves and the mission.

It's time to be bound by belief. Bound By Belief rewires your beliefs about yourself, others, and the company culture to shape a new reality.

In this 45-60 minute story-laced session, John Eades will help you harness the power of your beliefs to become the way you behave.

You'll learn how to leverage reality to create magical moments in the future. So whether you are interested in increasing engagement or performance for you or your team, Bound Your Belief is designed to be the springboard to your new success.

You'll leave inspired to rethink how you lead yourself and your team. Are you ready to Bound Your Belief?




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5 Elements of Excellent Organizations

Quarterly In Person Meetings, Monthly One-on-One Coaching

Personality and Skill Assessments

Shared Purpose, Psychological Safety, Clear Direction, Elite Execution, Accountable Actions

Leader Development

Accelerate Leadership (Fundamentals)

Three Virtual / InPerson Instructor Led Training Sessions, OnDemand Learning

Leadership Style Assessment

Leading Self, Leading Individuals, Leading Teams

Leader Development

Leadership Excellence (Advanced)

Three Virtual / In Person Instructor Led Training Sessions

Leadership Style Assessment

Culture, Communication, Coaching

Leader Development

Unleashing Change

Two Virtual / InPerson Instructor Led Training Sessions, OnDemand Learning


Obstacles fo Change, Change Funnel

Leader Development

Coaching for Excellence

One Virtual / In Person Intructor Led Training Session, OnDemand Learning


Coaching for Excellence Success Path

Leader Development

Effective Communication

One Virtual / In Person Intructor Led Training Session, OnDemand Learning


Path to Effective Communication

Leader Development

Leveraging Accountability in Leadership

One Virtual / In Person Intructor Led Training Session, OnDemand Learning


Direct Dialogue Framework, Praise and Recognition

Professional Development

Catalyst for Growth

Three Virtual / InPerson Instructor Led Training Sessions

Leadership Skill Assessment

Beliefs, Blueprints, Execution

Professional Development

Ignite the Leader Within

Three Virtual / InPerson Instructor Led Training Sessions

Leadership Skill Assessment

Ignite Your Core, Invest in Development, Connect with Communication, Plan for Success, Execute Daily, Grow Confidence

Human Resources / L&D

Coach the Coach

4 Virtual / In Person Instructor Led Training Sessions, One-on-one certifications

Leadership Coaching Tool

Coaching for Excellence, Coaching Best Practices, Common Coaching Situations, Coaching FW


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