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Inspiring, Educating, & Encouraging Leaders

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The Leadership Lens

Why Your Choice Matters

Building the Best

What Great Modern Leaders Do

Creating Elite Company Culture

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

The Excellence Loop

How Small Iterative Steps Lead to Big Results

Bound By Belief

How to Create an Unwavering Belief to Fuel Success

The Change Funnel

Stop Trying to Force Change and Start Unleashing It

Popular Keynote Topics

The Leadership Lens
Why Your Choice Matters

Building the Best -
What Great Modern Leaders Do

The Excellence Loop -
How Small Iterative Steps Lead to
Big Results

Creating Elite Company
Culture - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Bound By Belief - How to
Create an Unwavering Belief to Fuel Success

Route to Results -
Focus on Standards to Achieve Outcomes

The Excellence Loop

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Building the Best

"One of the Best Leadership Books of the Year"

John Eades, LearnLoft CEO, challenges you to rethink what it means to be a leader today, and shows you how to become a world-class leader who inspires, empowers, and serves—and who can transform the results of any team or organization.

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The Leadership Lens

When things are out of our control, we quickly blame others. While it feels good now, it doesn’t get you any closer to better outcomes. Instead of focusing on things out of your control, it’s time to turn your attention to something you can. The lens that you look at something through. It’s time to put on the Leadership Lens.

The Leadership Lens transforms the way you look at solving problems, elevating others, and creates a relentless responsibility over your thoughts and actions. In this 45 to 60-minute session, John Eades will help change the lens you look at the world. You will learn:

• The three kinds of lenses people look through.
• Why you can’t force leadership, you encourage leadership
• How to choose excellence and not ordinary.

You will leave inspired to take responsibility for the things in your control and help transform your life and career. Are you ready to put on the Leadership Lens?

Building the Best

People aren’t born great leaders they develop into them. While it would be great if every manager in our companies chose leadership, the hard truth is very few do. Instead of hoping managers figure out how to lead, it’s time to give them the playbook of how to lead. It’s time to show them how to effectively lead others.

Building the Best provides an 8-step playbook describing exactly how they best lead their teams. In this fast-paced 60-minute keynote, John Eades shares stories and best practices to help managers choose leadership. Managers will learn the following:

• Why relationships are at the center of leadership
• How to consistently get results
• How to coach others to higher levels of performance

The audience will leave inspired to lead and with a practical playbook of how to do it. The only question remains: Are you ready to build the best leaders?

Creating Elite Company Culture

Companies spend a lot of time talking about service and excellence. But search the websites of your competitors, and you’ll quickly find that they are saying the same thing. Instead of telling people we are different, let’s show them we are different.

It turns out one of the most effective ways to create an engaged staff that maximizes their potential isn’t just telling them. It’s about creating an elite culture where team members are willing and able to be active participants in it. It’s time to explore what it takes to create an elite culture. In the 45 to 60 minute session, John Eades will walk you through the five levels of culture and help you identify specific strategies to move your company or team to the next level.

Are you ready to create an elite culture?

The Excellence Loop

The Excellence Loop is not just another motivational speech. It’s an impactful and meaningful guide that will help your audience unlock their full potential and achieve excellence in every area of their lives. In this inspiring and educational 45-60 minute session, John will challenge your audience to think differently about excellence. Instead of trying to be perfect, we will explore the critical role of failure in the pursuit of excellence. By embracing the lessons that come from our mistakes, we can leverage the Excellence Loop to achieve sustained excellence on a consistent basis.


Through real-life stories, practical strategies, and thought-provoking insights, your audience will learn how to cultivate a growth mindset, take action, and create a positive impact. They will discover the key ingredients that all high-performing professionals and teams leverage to achieve excellence daily.


Most importantly, your audience will leave inspired to re-think how they view and pursue excellence. Whether they are looking to improve performance or increase accountability, the Excellence Loop is designed to build a powerful mindset shift that never sleeps.

Bound By Belief

We spent very little time accepting the promotion but so much time considering what other people are doing to help the team get great results.

Instead of focusing so much on others, it’s time to turn the attention back on yourself. It turns out that in order for a team to get great results, it starts with how much the leader believes in themselves and the mission.

It’s time to be bound by belief. Bound By Belief rewires your beliefs about yourself, others, and the company culture to shape a new reality.

In this 45-60 minute story-laced session, John Eades will help you harness the power of your beliefs to become the way you behave.

You’ll learn how to leverage reality to create magical moments in the future. So whether you are interested in increasing engagement or performance for you or your team, Bound Your Belief is designed to be the springboard to your new success.

You’ll leave inspired to rethink how you lead yourself and your team. Are you ready to Bound Your Belief?

The Change Funnel

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly pushing against a brick wall when trying to make change happen in your life or your organization? Do you feel like you’re banging your head against the same old problems, with no real progress to show for it?

Well, it’s time to stop trying to force change and start unleashing it instead. That’s where “The Change Funnel” comes in.

In this dynamic and engaging talk, John Eades shares the secrets to unleashing real, sustainable change in your organization. Instead of pushing and struggling to make change happen, you’ll learn how to create an environment that naturally facilitates change, making it easier and more effortless than ever before.

Using the proven Change Funnel framework, John will guide you step by step to shed convincing others, put a picture around the problem, invite others in, and shorten the shift to create a clear path forward.

So if you’re ready to stop trying to force change and start unleashing it, join John for “The Change Funnel. You’ll come away feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take action.